Sunday, May 31, 2009

The best thing about me is you

sayang,i love u..i really can't stop posting o updating about u in my blog..hahaha..i tau u msti kene bahan nnt..:P..thnx fo bein a great partner and a great friend whenever i need u syg..i love you,sayang..i rindu nk spent time dgn u mcm dlu2..i tau i semakin jauh dgn u n kte jarang jumpa sekarang ni..yela msg2 bz kan..i dgn class n u dgn final sorry syg..and as long as i syg kat u its good enuf dah kan..i bersyukur dpt u syg :) thank you

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
If i has to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU.

much love,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

mu loser

sayang.....i miss u....:'(

rinduuuuuu ni

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tagged by kakak kecikku

Do you like to talk a lot?
headline pn dah 'ezza banyak cakap' what do u think kan..

Do you hate being scolded in public?

Do you feel like having a bf right now?
dah cukup da satu kat muadzam..haha

Do you prefer calling? or sms?
call..dgr die melebur lebur..sms fine

Do you want to cry now?
yes..too much pressure n tired like hell!

What are you doing now?
lepas makan :)

What are you thinking of now?
muadzam's ppl..

What are you listening to now?
speeding cars-The Oc

Who was the last person who sent you a message?
firasssssssss syg

Last time someone made you happy?
firas la..dgr cte 'best' die..

Guitar or drum?
drum..2 pn tau ckt2 je..

Do you love the people who make you happy?
yes la dude

Do you believe in those people?
of coz

What is your target this year?
nak raya dgn fam,b a good child..hopefully

Do you rather shop alone or with people?
depends on the situation

Who do you hate now?

Who are your best friends?
ramai..firas,fatin,iena,syira,sha,fara,hana,kak ryn,kak techic,diana,zai..

Who are you missing now?
everybody..mama,papa,firasss,fatin..nak balik muadzam...:'(

What can you say about your ex-bf/ex-gf?
masa utk taubat

If you are single, are you enjoying it?
kalau sekarang tak la kan..dlu ok..

Do you think your ex really loved you?

The most important thing in a relationship?
trust each other,loyal,love,responsible,can accept my family

Name an opposite sex you like to see everyday?
Nur afiras..kalau bole..

You're in love with that person?
YES la kan :)!!!

Is it easy to make you cry?

I bet you're thinking about someone right now?
obviously yes

What are you doing tomorrow night?
nothing much..stay at home

Are you taller than your mom?
tinggi sikit

What are you planning on doing after this?
sleep n get redy fo class 2mrw

Lose a best friend lately?
yes..fatin syg..i rindu kat u..sethn dgn u yang..

How many months until your birthday?
its over

Do you like Beyonce's new song If I Were a Boy?

Who was your last missed call from?

Why didnt you answer?
dlm class

What was the last thing you spent your money on?
ice cream..belanja my czn...

Friday, May 22, 2009

JHP 8177

tke care of urself..b nice syg :)
sayang u..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i miss 'em..can't wait to get back home a.s.a.p
i love you,family :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

life in Mas Academy

wawa,dina,mel(ex cabin crew)

d experienced ones

it has been quite a long time not updating the blog since i was bz-ing with the training thingy.. its nt easy 2 be a flight stewardess actly..dhla interview susa mcm nak apa je kan..jan for the first interview and final stage is around feb kot..then waited for almost 4 months fo the results..igtkan xdpat sbb interview susa then dieorg call up fo medical check up..when d training starts mmg penat+pressure+and kene b well prepared fo those yg bg critics and comments..punctuality is a BIG BIG thing in d eg.u r given 10 min break n u have to b as fast as possible if u r goin 2 the washroom..lambat 1 minit kene bg explanation letter n msk bilik if it is school..n d classes start frm 8.30 till 5.30..first day was ok..just briefing dari hr department..second day ok la.interesting la jugak..kebaya fit,ukur kaki fo the in-flight sandal,bag,n hndbg are all provided..tu jela best..n kene lose weight sampai 48 kg...third day n fourth day is just class..class...class...lecture class...psl discipline,rules and regulations and etc..and exams every week lps bljr new chapter n d passing mark is 90 %..tak lepas kene repeat sampai 3 kali sahaja..sumpah pressure with the things yg kene handle and kene igt..all those rules n reg..nak give up pn ada jugak bt this is the way i chose so i have to face it all alone..sabar jela ..the class was occupied with 14 students included 5 stewardess and 9 steward..friends ok..they are fine ..rite now we are preparing fo our performance fo d graduation day..we want 2 do smthng dat is memorable n extraordinary..dis week is grooming week..they teach us how to walk,how to take care of our skin care and its all about grooming..on wed we r goin 2 hairstylist to cut our hair..hmm..i'll update d diary later..its time fo me to get enuf rest fo 2mrw class..

nite readers :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


tmrw is my first day training in MAS Academy..

current mood:scared n + i misses everybody..b strong,ezza

nite ppl :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

uniten muadzam shah

i miss my friends and firas

btw,happy mother's day,mama..i've sumthng fo u 2mrw..hee

love you..good nite ppl :'(

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tagged by ikleel sayang

1. Anda rasa anda hot?

hot?tak3..perasan weyh..

2. Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar itu?
memorable memory..d sweetest ever..suprise farewell party..btw,ikleel pn ada..thnx u dtg dgn juai..

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
2 hari lepas

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
pussycat dolls-sway

6. Apakah yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini?
takda apa2

7. Selain dari nama anda sendiri,anda suka dipanggil dgn nama apa?
tak kisah

p/s:thnx ikleel..take care k..keep in touch..

tagged by sis techic

kak techic n her bf


A - Available?

B - Birthday?
28 jan

C - Last cigarette you smoke?

D - Drink you last had?
guava ice

E - Easiest person to talk to?
mama n syg

F - Favorite color?
semua ok..suits my skin

G - Gummy bears or gummy worms?
Gummy bears lee

H - Home town? tak2..mlk2..haha

I- In deep thought?

J- just got out of a relationship?
tak and taknak

K- Killed someone?

L - Lime or lemon?

M- Money or love?
we need both..

N - Number of siblings?
just two

O - One wish
be a good girl 2 parents,firas

P - Person you last commented?
uniten's frens..rinduuuuu

Q - Quiet?
haha..ezza snyp?terbalik la dunia

R - Reason you smiled?
happy n satisfied

S - Song you last heard?
sahabat by aizat(dedicated by iena)

T- Time you woke up today?
8.30 a.m

V- Vegetarian?

W -Worst habit?
minum bnyk air kot..air putih..hehe

X - Last X-GF/BF?

Y - Yogurt flavor?
passion fruits

Z - Zodiac sign?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday,Fatin

'happy birthday..may all your wishes come true syg..May Allah bless you and you have many happy returns of the day'

fatin,thnx jd roomate i since sem 2..u sanggup layan bising i,dgr problems i siang mlm,u faham i,u tau ble i pnt,u tau i suke mkn apa,minum apa,almost everythng u tau pasal i..babe,b strong kayh..i tauu sedih i nak tglkan we still bleh keep in touch kan..u bleh call i bile2 masa je u nk..i xde jgn lupa jaga bilik kte,jaga katil i,jaga brg2 i yg i tglkan kat rmh..u jgn lupa stdy kayh syg..u stay la rmh iena nnt k..xde la u rse sunyi sgt..i syg u,fatin..lps ni i bgn tdo dah xde dah nmpk muka u,mkn xde u..hmm...assignment?xyah ckp la u kalau dpt assignmnt..u trs type in dlm laptop u then u bwt..since first sem kan..i jz tau ckp kjp2 je..weekends i blk mlk then u bwt sorg2..lps ni da xleh i nak bully2 u lg dah..dah xde i jerit nama u kat rmh..dah xde dah nak kejut u..ezza,kejut i lg 10 mnt..dah 10 mnt, lg 5 mnt plak..i da fhm sgt dah u kalau dpt tdo cm ne..dah xde dah mek fatem2 nnt..lps ni i nk bljr ckp klntan dgn siapa..u xde nnt xde org ajar i ckp klntan..i bg u bj i dgn bau2 i u simpan k..u pki u tlg igt i..b'day present u simple je..firas yg tlg pilihkan..heee..jgn lost dgn i plzz..keep in u,fatin..once friend,forever as always..

much love,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i love you

28th march

25th march
after muet test kte g tgk movie..u ok first i tkt u bring along ur u said b4 u malu dgn p'puan kan n im d first one 2 ask u 4 a la i..u ckp ikt u la ezza nak g mana..i bwk u..
baiknya u firas..first i ajk u g tgk movie the sniper apa nth,
makan2 then chitchating till late kot u..sekepala,kelakar
around 6 a.m sumthng u drive back 2 muadzam..i teman u drive..i nyanyi2 la i kacau u la..hehe
its so-called d 'first date' evento we r in d same university..
thank u,firas bwk i jalan2..

28th march
i puasa hari 2 then u nak bwk i g mkn..mkn seafood kat rompin..i berbuka kat rompin?
first time kot i g rompin..excited gle la kan..2 pn u yg bwk i..sanggup u kan firas..
i nak berbuka u plak yg pnt2 drive g rompin..hmmm...

29th march
kwn2 i bwt suprise farewell party utk i n i x expect u dtg utk i..fatin yg plan semua ni kan..
die ajak u then u nmpk i nangis cm nak g berperang..eventho i busy taking
pic with my friends u still stand still till d party ends..u ajk i balik naik kete u..u hntr i depan ilmiah padahal dekat je..bdn i penuh tepung n u bleh ajk i??hmm
kotor kete u..2 pn u ckp xpe gak kan..bleh cuci,ezza..

30th march
jentayu dgn cuzen u

i love u,f

ppl i love

u and papa

1st may
hari keramat
sayang,thank you so much..i dah bnyk susakan u..mcm2 karenah i u layan..u sanggup pg mlk ari jumaat semata2 nak hntr i dgn alasan brg i bnyk gle..dhla u xtido2 semalaman then nak drive mlk..d nite b4 u ckp u nk g jmpa kwn u sbb u de hal..u nk kne jmpa face 2 face dgn kwn u..dah sampai mlk tbe2 u ckp dgn i u nak rush back blk muadzam..mcmla muadzam-mlk mcm muadzam-kuantan kan syg kan..huh..tlgla..u dah bnyk kot tlg i..macam2..i puasa then nak buka puasa u bwk i sampai rompin mkn seafood..i nak g tgk movie u bwk i g kuantan..hmm..syg2..i bwk u jumpa my parents..otw bwk u g mkn kt mp papa call ajak lunch sekali..kte g fetch mama kt rmh then jmpa papa kt kdi mkn..b4 u jmpa my parents u menggelabah gle..nak2 i physcho u mcm2..mama i mcm ni la papa i mcm 2 la..lg la u..hahaha..after lunch sbleh2 u nak balik parents x bg u blk muadzam sbb u dah totally flat dah..nak melepet je i tgk u..mlm 2 u layan papa i smoke then layan cte die psl bola,rugby..hehe..yela mama i xde kan..papa i da de geng la..hbsla u syg..hehe..dlm kul 11 cm 2 one fam including u g ambk fatin kat mc sbb die dah rindu gle kat i..then wk2 dinner papa i paksa u makan semua..serious kesian kat u..u mkn je without saying no..i bwk u n fatin jalan2 mlk sampai la kul 4..

2nd may
nx day...i pnjm kete u then bwk mama i pg pasar n bli brg2 nak bwt cookies and cari breakfast..u bg je i pinjam eventho u tgh tdo wk2 2..kesian u..then bwk papa i g bank pn nk gne kete u lg sbb nak isi minyak u b4 blk muadzam..plg sweet u msg i tye i kat mana..then i ckp i xleh nak msg u sbb i kat stesen mnyk..nnt meletup..haha.dlm kete papa i tye psl u..serious papa i ske u sgt2..papa i dhla ssh nak rapat dgn siapa2..wk2 first u jmpa papa i pn papa i jz salam cm 2 je kan syg..mama i je layan u..papa i ckp u r such a good boy..yela mana taknya kan die ada teman nak hisap rokok, nak layan cte bola die..hahaha..u tgu i blk then brkfast sama2 sbb u br bgn..papa,mama n ftn dah brkfst dah..i bwk u pg wedding kwn i then i ajk u pg tgk wyg..i pki bj kurung n u sikit pn tak kisah i pki bj kurung g tgk wyg dgn u..jalan2 dgn u..hmmm..mlm 2,kte g mkn ikan bakar bwk mama sekali..sayang,u layan mama i baik gle..u sngp ambk kan die air suam..u baik kot..yela bak kata papa i u r such a good boy kan..ehem3..

3rd may

around 8 sumthng i kejut u and fatin nak jmpa papa i b4 die pg keje..u x kisah pn..apa yg u kisah pn i taktau la kan..u br je tdo wak2 2..then i pg cari brkfst dgn u..wk2 2 i x brp sihat sgt..perut i skt..rasa nak muntah..u cpt2 g blikan i sweet u syg..i teman u pg bli brkfst tp lps brp minit i g muntah tepi kete u sbb i dah btl2 xtahan..u ckt pn kisah ..dlm kete otw back rumah u bg i plastik tkt i muntah dlm kete u..2 pn u tak kisah gak..i bwt2 muntah pn u tak kisah..hmm..i keep on muntah sampai 11 lbh pas 2 u bwk i pg klinik dgn mama n fatin..u sanggup tgu i almost one hr dlm klinik 2..u take care gle psl i..u srh i mkn ckt..u tau i food poisoning trs u blikan i 100++ n mineral water fo mama n fatin..u blk ptg 2..after i dah ok sikit..

5th may

For the last time u bwk i g kuantan tgh hari 2..nak tgk wyng then mkn2

sebab the nx day i dh nak blk mlk dah..i syg u firas..u ikt je i nk mkn pizza..u bwk i tgk Xmen..sumpah best cte 2..then g tc sebab nak bungkus makanan utk kwn2 i,,u bwk jela mne i nak pg..i just ckp je..

6th may

muet in d mrning,lunch dgn kwn2 u n time yg paling susa..tglkan muadzam,tglkan u,fatin n kak ryn..:'(

bus i pkl 4 tp u ftch i pkl 2.45..2pn i yg srh..hee..u tgu i sampai bus i dtg around 5..hmm..u teman i..


im d luckiest to have u,firas as a soulmate..

we still getting 2 noe each other better,everyday n every single hour

dun worry sayang i'll behave myself..

be a good air-stewardess,gf kan syg kan

no more skirts k..hee

Thank you so much,sayang..

i love you,nurafiras

tagged by fatin

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
keep quiet n keep smiling.what goes around comes around

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
bwk parents around the world

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend?
at the moment im taken n i love my boyfie very much

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
since first sem..bus ke muadzam..haha

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do
ambil masa kot nak suka kat org lain

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
my bf,nurafiras

10.What takes you down the fastest?
problem,problem and problem

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
29?khwn kot..cute babies..

12. What’s your fear?

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
fatin??too much to xplain..bestie,d best roomate ever,good listener
i love u,fatin
thnx fo bein there fo me syg..share n dgr problems i

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
married n average lifestyle

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
fatin la..kalau xde cari die even tgh mamai..

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
a big NO NO

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
fatin ajar kalau ada choice smbhyg istighrah
prefer the best la kan..sekepala

18. Would you forgive and forget, no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
dah lama in a relationship dgn firas syg la :)