Thursday, May 14, 2009

life in Mas Academy

wawa,dina,mel(ex cabin crew)

d experienced ones

it has been quite a long time not updating the blog since i was bz-ing with the training thingy.. its nt easy 2 be a flight stewardess actly..dhla interview susa mcm nak apa je kan..jan for the first interview and final stage is around feb kot..then waited for almost 4 months fo the results..igtkan xdpat sbb interview susa then dieorg call up fo medical check up..when d training starts mmg penat+pressure+and kene b well prepared fo those yg bg critics and comments..punctuality is a BIG BIG thing in d eg.u r given 10 min break n u have to b as fast as possible if u r goin 2 the washroom..lambat 1 minit kene bg explanation letter n msk bilik if it is school..n d classes start frm 8.30 till 5.30..first day was ok..just briefing dari hr department..second day ok la.interesting la jugak..kebaya fit,ukur kaki fo the in-flight sandal,bag,n hndbg are all provided..tu jela best..n kene lose weight sampai 48 kg...third day n fourth day is just class..class...class...lecture class...psl discipline,rules and regulations and etc..and exams every week lps bljr new chapter n d passing mark is 90 %..tak lepas kene repeat sampai 3 kali sahaja..sumpah pressure with the things yg kene handle and kene igt..all those rules n reg..nak give up pn ada jugak bt this is the way i chose so i have to face it all alone..sabar jela ..the class was occupied with 14 students included 5 stewardess and 9 steward..friends ok..they are fine ..rite now we are preparing fo our performance fo d graduation day..we want 2 do smthng dat is memorable n extraordinary..dis week is grooming week..they teach us how to walk,how to take care of our skin care and its all about grooming..on wed we r goin 2 hairstylist to cut our hair..hmm..i'll update d diary later..its time fo me to get enuf rest fo 2mrw class..

nite readers :)


  1. gle pnat..
    tp best..
    g hairstylist smue...
    if ade mamat steward kosong bg i k..
    b strong kayh

  2. haha..mamat steward?pilot la eyh..hahaha..
    x senonoh!!hee

  3. waaaa..agak presure..xpe3..jap ag kite fly..hahahaa

  4. ezzaaa!! waaa,pndai gler pkai eye shadow..igt lgi u said pkai eye shadow mcm pelik2..huhu..cehceh..sumpah u nmpk eh,nnt knalkn abg pilot mcm citer awan dania..hahah.nak hot2..haha xPP