Friday, March 27, 2009

after quiz bebeh

fara:ezza,senyum la..jgn la bwt mulut muncung u 2..

ezza:ok2 fara..i senyum mcm ni k..ok x2??

lepas mkn..kenyang!

lunch time after Finance quiz..

susa gle ok!!!

unexpected..supposely d quiz is during tutorial class bt than bwt during lecture time la plk..


quiz susa especially the calculation part..

its just 20 ques n plus its mcqs' bt it seems like 200 subjectives ques..haha..

fatin,sha,fara,iena n even myself were discussing during the quiz..moreover,we sit in front of d class ok..lec kat dpn tgk je..and we was like panic gle when d lec said d time is up cz xdpt nk copy each other answers lg..hehe

redha jela~

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