Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ezza bte Omar


d youngest in d family of 4

known as 'adik' in d fam

anak mama

still studying

good in making sushi

(evntho x nmpk muka tp adik sorg je tau papa hndsme,d latest pic of him)

Omar bin Md Dam

2 siblings n he is d youngest

d only man in our family,slalu dibuli n pembuli terbaik

d'sygi oleh 3 bidadri d rmh


a strict man bt yet sporting ok!

a bad driver

ego,a good motivator

he treat us,effa n me as if both of us are still small like babies

heart HIM!


Nollizan bte Tompang
d coolest mama ever
inilah satu2nya tempat mengadu psl semua bnda
sporting gila!!
loving and caring
take a good care of our fam
a good baker and a good cooker..asam pedas die was superb ok!!
Oprah Winfrey fan
call her everyday.morning.afternoon.nite(b4 sleep)
u r such a angel 2 me..

my love 2 u is priceless
mama,i adore u and i need u every single second in my life.
mama,u r everything 2 me
adik sayang mama!

ohhh dis makcik
effa bte omar
d eldest in d fam
kaki gaduh
d one n only sister
cartoon maniac
collect a lot of handbags,tops,accesories,wedges
adik syg alg n ur handbags..heee

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